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About Time

Jon Weinberg on hammered dulcimer and guitar playing both solo and ensemble arrangements
Featuring Robin Kynoch, Vince O'Donnell, Terry Traub, Lyn Weinberg, and Dave Coleman playing fiddle, whistle, button accordion, guitar, piano, and acoustic bass
Released: 2013

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Track listing: Audio sample:
1 - Batchelder's - Bouchard's Hornpipe - Kohler's Hornpipe  
2 - The Crow in the Sun - The Two William Davises
3 - Rights of Man - Tom Morrison's
4 - Greensleeves - Clock Waltz
5 - Dill Pickles Rag  
6 - Varvindar Friska  
7 - Here Comes The Sun
8 - Bert Ferguson - Le Tourment - La Maison de Glace
9 - Chariots of Fire  
10 - Bay of Fundy - New Rigged Ship - Reel Beatrice
11 - Maguire and Paterson Waltz